Field of Schemes
The Field of Schemes
May through July 2013
In a cornfield in the middle of Iowa is a magical baseball field, The Field of Schemes. During the most exciting baseball season of all, disaster strikes! The baseball owners and agents make a move to own the Field. The players counter with a strike! They just want to be free to play the game for the sheer pleasure of it. The owners panic! No baseball! Lost revenue! The two sides at war! Doom for the game!

A miracle! Farmer Ray Kindfella, rumored to be the conjurer of The Field of Schemes, arranges a single contest to settle this conflict - The Grand Game! The greatest players from the past, present, and the future will compete against each other in the ultimate baseball game.

Meet Ty Clodd, Stan "The Man" Musical, Pete Pansy, and the other greats from the past team up with the future baseball stars - Pretty Mean Shirley, Ruth The Babe, and LuLu Gehrig. Throw in some superstars of today such as Mark McChoir, Sammy SoSo, and Gregg Madd Ox and you have all the makings for the game of the century!

Tragedy strikes! Death pays a visit to The Field of Schemes. MURDER! Ray Kindfella strikes out forever. Now that Ray is dead, will his wife, Annie, loose the farm? Will the Grand Game be played? Will Ray's killer be caught?

Come to the Bissell Mansion Dinner Theatre and help the legendry Sam Spud, Iowa's greatest and only detective, solve the crime and help Annie Kindfella save The Field of Schemes. Make your reservations now by calling 314-533-9830 or 1-800-690-9838.
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