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Welcome to the Bissell Mansion Restaurant & Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

Bissell Mansion Restaurant &
Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

St. Louis' Oldest "Hysterical" Landmark

The Bissell Mansion Restaurant The historic home of Captain Lewis Bissell, was built in the mid-1820's. Today, much of the original detailing of the oldest home in St. Louis remains, including the staircase, the fireplace mantels and some interior trim. The northwest wing of the house was added circa 1883 by Frederick Kraft, a later owner.

Lewis Bissell, born in Connecticut on October 12, 1789, came from an impressive family of American military leaders. His father, Major Russell Bissell was the first commandant of Fort Bellefontaine. The famous General Daniel Bissell was Lewis' uncle. Bissell began his military career at the age of nineteen. Under a commission from President Jefferson, he was sent to what was then the Western frontier.

Bissell served with distinction in the War of 1812 and was promoted to Captain in 1815. He was given command of Fort Clark, now Peoria, Illinois. In 1818, he went with the Yellowstone Expedition up the Missouri River, which ended in the founding of Omaha, Nebraska.

During the 1820's, Bissell had already begun acquiring the 1500 acres that would become known by riverboat pilots as Bissell's point. The Mansion was built on a hill overlooking property that spread south of Grand Avenue to the French city of St. Louis, east to the Mississippi River and north to the frontier outpost of Fort Bellefontaine which guarded the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.

The Bissell Mansion Restaurant The Bissell Mansion was rescued from demolition in the late 1950's by the construction of I-70. Today, the Mansion is host to St. Louis' original participatory Comedy/Mystery Dinner Theatre.

A four-course dinner is served between the acts of the show. Since the audience participates in the show, everyone receives an identity when they arrive.

The murderer and suspects are selected randomly from the audience.