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All the World's a Stage at the Bissell Mansion

Murder Mystery Programs:

Schedule for 2020

May - July 2020 "Phantom of the Grand 'Ole Opry"
August - October "Class Reunions Can be Murder"
November - December "Murder on 34th Street"

In addition to the above scheduled performances, Lucy Loves Ricky and Lucy Goes Crusin' are available for private shows either at the Bissell Mansion or we can bring the show to you at the location of your choice.

At The Bissell Mansion Restaurant and Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, we've made it easy for you and your friends or family to "Get Away With Murder" anytime you like.

To Act - Or Not to Act...?

You get to be a part of the action, helping our detectives attempt to solve a fiendishly funny crime while you enjoy a delicious FOUR COURSE dinner with wine. 

Some audience members get the chance to deliver lines as part of the show. Others may have to think up a quick alibi for the time of the murder. However, not everyone has to take an active part in the show.

You Always Decide how much you want to participate. Just let us know when you make your reservations if you'd like a STARRING ROLE - or not.

Quickly, the Game Is Afoot!

Everyone in your party becomes part of the mystery though, with a new identity, and perhaps, a SINISTER PURPOSE! Who knows, someone at your table may actually be the cowardly criminal who committed the dastardly deed tonight! IT MIGHT EVEN BE YOU! 

Or maybe you will be the super-sleuth who foils the fiend and wins the evening's prize!

All the World's A Stage... 

Four different murder mysteries each year means that our shows are always fresh. And a night at the Bissell Mansion is ideal for parties of any size. We even have SPECIAL RATES for groups of 20 or more. We can also arrange private evening or matinee of our murder mystery performances.

OR - we can bring our show TO YOU!

Our performers can travel just about anywhere you can in the greater Metropolitan St. Louis area and beyond. Let them bring the FUN AND EXCITEMENT of one of our many murder mystery shows to your next function.


So make your RESERVATIONS for our next show now. It would be a CRIME to miss out on this much fun! Call 314-533-9830 or 1-800-690-9838.

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